POWER FUND is a web-based tool developed by the POWERPOOR project to help energy poor citizens across Europe to identify and learn about Collective Innovative Actions to tackle energy poverty and take direct action.

POWER FUND provides the users with an Online marketplace for Collective Energy Initiatives, such as energy communities and cooperatives, as well as an open space where to learn about innovative financial instruments like crowdfunding, and how to use the potential of Collective Finance to overcome the economic and financial barriers hindering energy poor citizens from taking part in the energy transition.

 Support household owners to pay the large up-front costs of Renewable Energy installations and/or Energy Efficiency investments.
 Help lower the costs of Renewable Energy installations and/or Energy Efficiency renovations thanks to bulk purchases and economies-of-scale
 Assist off grid households and communities pull together the resources and capital required for capital-intensive off-grid energy projects investments
 Aid individuals in combining their buying power to purchase the energy at better prices on the wholesale market .
 Support citizens and key organizations to develop energy communities, with the energy poverty focus.
 Provide existing communities/cooperatives with resources to tackle energy poverty.

Collective Finance

Learn more about crowdfunding and how to take advantage of collective financing to support your energy community  project

Collective Energy Initiatives

Discover the advantages of energy communities and cooperatives, and learn how to join or create one suited to your needs