Renewable energy community pilot project in Mārupe (Co2mmunity project)

As part of the Co2mmunity project activities in Latvia, project partner Riga Planning Region in cooperation with its major stakeholder – the municipality of Mārupe implemented a pilot project in Mārupe by establishing and monitoring a citizen-driven RENCOP and thus demonstrating ways how the existing problems can be overcome in practice.Two pilot sites: 1.A multi-apartment house in Mazcenu Aleja 15, Marupe county has installed 4 photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 330 W on each panel, or a total of 1,32 kW connected to the electricity supply network of the building's sharing spaces. Estimated annual production of electricity at 1,3 Mwh.Similarly, 18 solar thermal energy collectors have been installed to provide preheating of the building's hot water supply with a forecast annual amount of heat energy of 20 MWh; 2. Solar Panels Systems - Liela iela 160, Marupe county: A total of 6 systems with 4 photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 330 W for each system, or a total of 1,32 kW for each system. A total of 24 panels are installed. Each section contains its own inverter connected to the internal electricity supply networks of the building. The estimated annual electricity output for each section is 1.3 Mwh.The estimated annual consumption of a six-section row house by section (arranged in ascending order): 2300 kWh, 3250 kWh, 3350 kWh, 4650 kWh, 6250 kWh, 6750 kWh. Together, the 6-section house consumes 26550 kWh during the year.

Daugavas iela 29, Marupes novads
Marupe, LV-2167

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